The Westerman Family {Lifestyle Family Session}

It’s always fun when I come across a family that has as much wild, unstoppable energy as my own, but these beauties …may have one upped us..

We did all the things. There was jumping on the beds, tickle wars, jokes and general goofiness as I was shown around the house. We picked veggies in their garden, visited the chickens and hung from everything in sight. We canoed down the river, frolicked in the ecology park and ended our evening at the beach where everyone ran in fully clothed and danced in the sunset. A magical two hours that felt like a lifetime (yes we fit all of that into approximately two hours).

Al, Chantel, Ellie, Caleb and Hudson, I adored watching you love each other with reckless abandon and joy. You guys are truly a beautiful example of family unity. Don’t get me wrong, exhausting ….but oh so beautiful.


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